1.              Hyaluronic Sea Serum
    Hyaluronic Sea Serum
    "I'm obsessed with this serum. It's so gentle and lightweight, applies like a satin smooth gel and helps lock in moisture from my hydrating mist! It's so great underneath my youth dew facial oil! Will definitely buy again. ~Michael
  2.                   Ocean Cleanser
    Ocean Cleanser
    " My skin started clearing up as soon as I started using this stuff! Smells really nice and makes my skin feel clean and removes makeup well without my skin feeling dry and stripped of its natural oils. This is my new holy grail product!" Ocean Cleanser ~Megan
  3.           Vitamin C Probiotic Polish
    Vitamin C Probiotic Polish
    "I've had very oily, clogged skin my whole life. I have used polishes, scrubs, and various types of exfoliators for 15 years. The price tag made me weary, but I'm happy to pay for it again given the results. I use this twice a week and then layer on a face oil after. My skin is bright and baby soft post-use. The vitamin c in this is amazing! I highly recommend using once a week and working your way up to what's best for you." Vitamin C Probiotic Polish ~Ashley
  1. Body Treatments
    Body Treatments
  2. Skin Treatments
    Skin Treatments
  3. Nail Services
  4. Bridal Makeup
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We are very excited to carry the following lines and feel very blessed to have such amazing products to pamper our guests with. OSEA Skincare for face and body treatments, Salt of the Earth for Nail & Body care, Ella & Mila Nail Polish,  Sugarlash for lash extentions, Lucas Cosmetics for brow & lash tinting, Missions Pottery for our tea cup line, HOPE Coffee, Bixby Chocolates & Little Prayer Tea Company here at Salt of the Earth. If you would like to place any orders please email us or call and we can gift wrap any retail products. Most are Vegan friendly!